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Full-body IK for games and film.

A full-body IK solution that allows animators to push and pull characters like never before.
Full-body IK

Power IK creates delightful poses by pushing and pulling any number of "effectors".

Our unique solver creates appealing shapes, even with extreme poses, on deeply branching hierarchies.

Fast and Simple

Use it on crowds of characters in real-time.

Amazingly, PowerIK achieves spectacular results with very few iterations.

It's also very easy to setup and integrate into your tools and pipeline.

Any Skeleton,
Any Reason

PowerIK can pull any part of any skeleton in any direction.

  • contour multi-limbed creatures to undulating terrain

  • pull melee attacks towards their target.

  • attach drivers to steering wheels and pedals

  • poke enemy skeletons to create directional hit reactions

  • create a full-body pose from very few VR trackers


Power IK Acquired by Epic Games

Coming soon to vanilla Unreal Engine.
A word on Power IK's Future...

The Power IK license and all related technology was acquired by Epic Games in October 2020.

Unreal Engine licensees can expect Power IK's full suite of procedural animation features to be better integrated and fully supported in a future Unreal Engine release.

Going forward, Power Animated Inc will not be supplying licenses of any kind to 3rd parties. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


In the meantime, the Power IK plugin will remain available, with limited support, on the Unreal Marketplace

A very special thank you to everyone who has helped shape Power IK with their feedback and bug reports. It's been a wild ride, but we're just getting started...


Unreal Workflow

Power IK is a standard Unreal AnimGraph node that can be setup in seconds.

Add a Power IK Solver node to your graph, create an Effector node and set its transform in blueprint.

Ground Alignment

Stick your creatures to the ground, no matter how many legs or the shape of their spine.

Power IK's Ground node provides fully featured ground alignment for creatures and bipeds with fine tune control over how the body adjusts to changing slopes.

Control Rigs

PowerIK is integrated directly into Unreal's Control Rig. This allows you to build sophisticated rigs, combining Power IK with the full suite of Control Rig nodes.

And of course drive the results at runtime or keyframe animate them with Sequencer.

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